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about me

my soul desires to explore, create & teach

Short Bio

I am an Ohio native, now located Cincinnati. My educational background is industrial & interior design. By day, i am an industrial design manager, by night I teach wheel throwing and create my own range of ceramics. My soul desires new challenges, ability to create, & opportunities to lift others. 

Clay History

I have been working with clay for 10+ years, but i consider myself a forever student. I love learning & exploring new things & being in an educational setting with others. My style is influenced by my design background as well as my teachers Jon Stein & Ben Clark. I create wheel thrown pieces that range from functional to sculptural all with an acute attention to detail. I use stoneware, porcelain and raku clay and fire cone 6-10, salt, & raku. 


At Queen City Clay, I teach wheel 1 to advanced wheel altering. Every one at the studio says I bring such energy to my classes. I want all students to have fun and get the most out of the class, but most importantly feel good about themselves. 

I truly believe art itself has emotion and can enable happiness or comfort when you touch or interact with it. I aim to create pieces that not only provide a function but can inspire emotions within. 


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