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about me


Forever exploring and creating

Short Bio

Angela is an Ohio native, now located in Cincinnati. As an industrial designer by day and a potter by night, working with clay gives her new design challenges and artistic freedom while providing more “hands on” work she desires. Angela’s focus is on creating sculptural, yet functional works the sparks curiosity and energy. 

Clay History

I started working with clay 12 years ago at Queen City Clay. QCC has given me the opportunity to fall in love with alternative firing. I lean to firing styles like wood, salt, soda, pit & raku.  My "style" is of course inspired by those that i have learned from, but i am continuously searching for who i am and what my art is in the world.  Funny that I only just internalized it's a continuous journey and not a finish line. So while i lean to a few common shapes and designs that i consider "mine" I am on the journey to discover more and go deeper. 


After evaluating what i have created over the years, I find the overall description to be inspired by nature, graceful movement, & fictional characters. I am most obsessed with a well executed shape but you can also see I love color, contrast and exaggerated movements. Successful art in my mind is when it can draw you in, create a desire to touch or see more because it is beautifully graceful, curious in nature, or different that what you normally see.  


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