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Wish Pots

What is a wish pot? 

Technically its an altered wheel thrown form, but my intension is to uplift spirits. 

I started creating lidded versions that is to be filled with 

positive notes, wish-fors, compliments & happy thoughts for those not so bright days. Through the years, i have 

evolved to include non lidded versions. Some can hold singular notes or flowers & some are sculptural and totem-esk that serve as reminder of your wishes or need for uplifted spirit. 

Since I alter as the wheel is spinning, each one is truly 

unique and one of a kind. I get hypnotized by every curve as I try to create undulation that cannot happen in a commercial mold world. My inspiration comes from nature, caves, rock overhangs, or water eroding stone that i see when I hike. 


My decoration technique ranges from slip, underglaze, Terra sigillata, raku glaze, & naked raku techniques to create contrast & accents where i want them.

Great for gifts or for yourself - bridal showers, anniversary, going away party, and just because.


My perfected technique has also expanded into functional forms which you can see on my dinnerware/functional page.  

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